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Inclusion is the only rational act - Captain CharisThere is so much creative potential if we allow them opportunities, support and aspirationsWithout inclusion, we will not know what the world needs today - Captain Sean BayStart Small, Start StrongCreativity, Love, Inclusion - Captain KerynaDifferent capabilities but same dreams for same community - Captain LizeRealise and harness the creative potential of children with special needs and from less privileged backgrounds through a range of art forms, build an ecosystem of creatives, art practitioners, social change champions, educators and volunteers who practise inclusion in their work, and inspire an artful, creative take towards social advocacyAt the heart of any community work are the relationships we are privileged to build. Never take them for grantedYour word is your worth. If you say you will turn up, turn up.Love for All - Captain NatalieSee beyond the tip of the iceberg - Captain Rui YiListening... - Captain Ludi
Seeing how everyone comes together to build each other up in their own ways expanded my idea of love and inclusion - Captain Wan XiangDiversity is a fact. Inclusion is an act - Captain Amanda ChongEmbrace the messy, the beautiful and the brave that spills out of the cookie cutter moulds that society tries to keep us all in - Captain Vernice
Do your groundwork and build a disciplined process. It will help you reframe constraints with creativity.Inclusion. It all starts with a smile - Captain Hong ShinWe see our children as equals whom we spar creatively withEmbracing inclusion is our artistic choiceSeek potential and you will find - Captain YisiInclusion is a celebration of all abilities & a choice that we can make - Captain Heng YongLove is a powerful force that enables men to do the impossible - Captain AustinMap your aspirations with courage, but plant your feet firmly on the groundLet's push them